11 - Air Rifle 25yd Bench Break Barrel/Under-Lever Class

Rules of entry.

  • Valid membership only.
  • Official targets only.
  • 1 scorecard per week / per discipline / per firearm.
  • Any scorecard with additional rounds will be disqualified. (unless in allocated zero area).
  • Shooter name,rifle/pistol  & discipline must be clearly entered onto each scorecard.
  • Team representation is not applicable for Summer league.
  • Leaderboard updated monthly.
  • Scoring/point accumilation published weekly.


Scoring Breakdown.

  • 1pt received for target entry.
  • 1pt received for 3rd place.
  • 2pts received for 2nd place.
  • 3pts received for 1st place.


Discipline(11)&(14)Air rifle 25&50yards break barrel/under lever class.

  • Sub 12ft lbs air rifle only.
  • Break barrel,under lever and gas ram piston only.
  • 10 rds.
  • No restriction to moderated/ un-moderated.
  • No restriction to optics.
  • Bipod,monopod,front and rear bag allowed.
  • No clamp/vice or braces permitted.
  • Scoring is counted by majority of the hole.
  • 100 points maximun + 10 bullseye pips.
  • 50% of the bullseye pip must be shot to count.

September League - 2021

Name  Rifle Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4  Total League Points
Paul Otten Air Arms TX200   95.1