Zero My Rifle

One of the unique benefits you get from buying your new rifle & scope from Rifleman Firearms.

To save you time, ammunition and money, we offer to professionally set up your new rifle package by cleaning the bore to remove any factory lubricant & proofing residue, accurately level the scope with precision tools, set the correct eye relief bespoke to your own eyesight and zero it on one of our ranges, so you are ready to shoot as soon as you head home!

There will be no need to find a sheltered corner in your local field or lay down in wet grass to try and set the zero in the wind whilst making lots of noise! We will ease the pain of zeroing your rifle under controlled conditions to ensure greater accuracy and save you the bother and frustration of trying to do it in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

All you need to do is buy your ammunition and the whole service is available for just £35.00 for a rimfire or centrefire rifle or only £25.00 for any air rifle.