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2020 Rifle of the Year

2020 Rifle of the Year

The Modern Precision Rifle from Christensen Arms is the Rifle of 2020!

We've loved the range of Christensen Arms rifles ever since they landed in the UK. Not only are they completely unique with their lightweight aspects such as their carbon fibre wrapped barrels and carbon composite stocks, but they are also extremely versatile. The range of rifles, from the Mesa to the Ridgline and the MPR gives the shooter a diverse range of capability when it comes to furthering their rifle shooting and performance.

So it comes as no surprise to us that the Modern Precision Rifle from Christensen Arms has been awarded the 2020 Shooting Illustrated Golden Bullseye "Rifle of the Year" Award.

Haven't heard of the MPR yet? Then let us give you a bit of information about this state of the art rifle! The Modern Precision Rifle, also known as the MPR, is an ultra-lightweight chassis rifle, that best represents the hard work that Christensen Arms has put in over the past 25 years when it comes to carbon fibre and custom firearms experience.

The MPR comes with a tactical folding stock, and the complete package comes with an abundance of amazing and unique features, such as the following;

  Target contour Christensen Arms carbon fibre barrel.

  Carbon fibre comb.

  Free-floating carbon fibre handguard.

  Side-baffle muzzle brake.

  20 MOA Rail.

What makes the Christensen Arms range of rifles so unique is every element of every one of their rifles has been redefined down to the smallest components to ensure that each of their rifles delivers only the best function and shooting experience for its user.


We're pleased to be one of the first shops in the UK to be able to sell and supply these state-of-the-art rifles to the UK market. Are you interested? Then check out the MPR online here or call our team on 01458 253700 to talk to us about the Christensen Arms range!


  Author: Tilly Washer | Last Updated: 08.01.2020