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Our Top Hunting Air Rifles!

Arm yourself with a .22!

Looking to go hunting with an air rifle, but not sure what to buy or where to turn. There's loads of choice out there and it can be confusing knowing where to start, but don't worry, following our guide we'll give you our top picks of .22 air rifles to get you started, including PCP's and Break Barrels!

First off, if you're unaware of the laws surrounding air rifles, it's best to read up and make sure that you comply with them. You can familiarise yourself with the laws and regulations surround Air Rifles here.

Once you've read up on the laws and regulations of air rifles, then there's the choice of what type of air rifle you would like, or can afford, to go out hunting with. So to help you decide we've compiled a list of our top .22 air rifles, perfect for hunting!

Break Barrels

Break Barrels are the 'traditional' form of an air rifle where you 'break' the barrel to both load the pellet and 'cock' the gun to create the projectile force to push the pellet out of the muzzle when the trigger is squeezed.

You could say this is the perfect starter gun for the novice and the format that lends itself to be the most cost effective type of air rifle. It is also an ideal choice for those who require a low-budget solution to clear seasonal vermin from the vegetable patch or garden such as pigeons, rabbits and squirrels. Check out our top 3 .22 picks!

  1. Diana AM03 Mauser Compact Pro (Gas Ram, .22)

The Diana AM03 Mauser Compact Pro is based on the original M03 Mauser hunting rifle. However this revamped version boasts an innovative gas spring technology meaning that you get a speedy and safer target acquisition. The AM03's ergonomic hunting stock also makes this air rifle the perfect choice - being ambidextrous it means it's comfortable for both left handed and right handed shooters. The stock also comes fitting with a high-quality anti-slip inserts and an adjustable comb, meaning that you can make it fit to your preferences. It boasts a powerful 1090fps and gas piston technology - making it a perfect choice for hunting!

2. Diana 280 Classic (Springer, .22)

The Diana 280 Classic is the modern remake of Diana's original classic - with a reduced design, the new remake also offers a lightweight and accurate solution to your hunting needs, at a very attractive price, making it perfect if you're looking for your first hunting springer rifle. The Diana 280 Classic also comes with 'Tru Glow Fibre' optic sights, meaning that you can be accurate whilst out in the field. Getting top performance without blowing your budget!

3. Diana N-Tec 340 Premium Pro (Gas Ram, .22)

The Diana N-Tec 340 Premium Pro, is a high performance air rifle which is guaranteed to help you deliver out in the field. With an attractive and ergonomically designed beechwood stock. It's designed specifically for shooting with a scope and comes generally without open sights. Therefore if you're someone who prefers their open sights, this may not be the best option for you. However when paired with the right scope it can make for a deadly combination! The barrel weight of the Premium Pro means that you can achieve more stable targeting whilst having all the benefits of the original 240 N-Tec Premium!

Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP)

If you're looking for something with a bit more power, than look no further than a PCP air rifle. designed to take your air rifle shooting to a different level.

Their power source comes from an 'on-board' compressed air reservoir that provides a definitive amount of recoil-free shots per charge. Due to the absence of recoil, producing tight groups and hitting the target is much easier along with accurate longer distance shooting (up to 60 yards) also being somewhat easier to achieve.

  1. BSA Defiant (PCP. .22)

The new regulated bullpup BSA Defiant is new for 2018 and is made to BSA's high standards and features a variety of features that make it one of the most competitive bullpup rifles on the market today - hence why it makes our top 3 for hunting rifles! The Defiant features a regulated side lever action that is extremely smooth and offers you not only a rifle that is easy to use, but is also effective. This makes it the perfect choice for all ability of hunter. It also comes equipped with an Enhanced Cold Hammer Forged (ECHF for short) barrel that is also fitted with a moderator, meaning that when you're out in the field you can have brilliant consistency with absolutely minimal muzzle noise! The two stage trigger from BSA is also one of the BSA Defiants best selling points, as it maximises accuracy with predictable travel and let off. And as an added bonus, it's completely adjustable to enable you to customise it to suite your needs!

2. Brocock Commander (PCP, .22)

We're excited to have the Brocock commander in store! It boasts exciting features such as a multi-shot edition to the new look range which includes revamped versions of the compatto and the Bantam Semi-Bullpup models! It also featires a twin gauge array, one for the rifles bottle pressure, the other for the regulator. However that's not all the new Brocock Commander has to offer. With it's ergonomic drop down pistol grip and retractable stock it means that it's easy to change the rifle to suite your shooting style. It also comes with a 10 shot magazine, perfect for when you're out in the field so that you can fire continuous shots. The Brocock Commander also comes fitted with a picatinny scope and accessory rails, meaning you can kit it out with your desired scope for a great combination. This is definitely one of the best PCP's to get yourself started with hunting!

3. Weihrauch HW 100 S (PCP, .22)

Weihrauch offers the HW 100 S, a PCP air rifle that boasts excellent accuracy and vibration free shot releases. This makes it ideal for when you're out hunting, with fast and easy repeating shots and a 14-shot magazine capacity, meaning that you can quickly and efficiently shoot your target. The Weihrauch HW 100 S is a well-balanced and good all round air rifle, and comes with a two stage adjustable match trigger with a manual safety! It's a good air rifle for if you're looking for something that won't break the bank, and will be super reliable for you whilst giving you fast paced action and accuracy!

So now you know! There's a hunting air rifle out there for any budget and performance requirement, and all new air rifles bought from us include a free lifetime warranty. So if you're out in the field and something happens to your air rifle - don't worry! Just bring it back into us for a full service or repair. if you have any questions about the rifles or points raised in this article than please feel free to give us a call on 01458 253700 or contact us online!

Author: Tilly Washer. Last Updated 14.09.2018