Full-Bore Rifle Range

Doors Are Now Open!

The facilities look amazing and are state-of-the-art with a full 'push-&-pull' (MOD spec) ventilation system, heated firing points, ambient lighting from firing points to bullet trap, variable distance electronic targets with target illumination regardless of distance and touch control lighting in each individual firing kiosk for prone, bench and standing shooting disciplines to name a few.

Our 'Rifleman Firearms Target Shooting Club' has also been formally formed and Home Office approved, and the range has been signed off by all official parties and been given a perfect bill of health and approval.

All testing has been completed and the doors are now officially open. We're delighted to report that testing was a complete success, we had all lanes live with sustained firing over several hours using various calibres from 6.5 x 47 to .308's and two lanes using 300 Win Mag's, the lighting, heating, target and ventilation systems all performed with honours and without excpetion. Actually, for most of the evening, the ventilation system was only working at half capacity and it coped superbly well.


We've always wanted to keep pricing to a minimum, please refer to below for all of our full-bore ranges prices!

For information on what rifle packages we offer, click here.

Non-Member With No Rifle or FAC

If you are not a member of our home office approved club and you have no Rifle or FAC

£39.00 for 1 hour, includes a .22lr bolt action rifle and 150 rounds of ammunition, 1 on 1 range supervision is also included.

Non-Member With Rifle, Ammunition & FAC

If you are not a member of our home office approved club but you have your own rifle, ammunition and FAC

£25.00 for 1 Hour

£45.00 for 2 Hours

£60.00 for 3 Hours

Non FAC Holders lane hire during probation

You will be required to complete a probation from 3 months up to 6, during your probation period you will need to come a minimum of twice a month

£15.00 for 1 hour with club rifle and own ammunition

FAC Holders bringing own rifles and ammunition during probationary period

If you are an FAC holder and you're bringing your own rifles and ammunition during your probation period

£10.00 per hour

One off police background check fee

You will be required to pay a one off fee, this is a legal requirement


Annual Membership

Annual membership is £299.00 or £28.00 per month by direct debit. The direct debit option is to follow shortly.

Membership lane hire is £4.00 per hour.

Upon successful completion of the probationary period and approval from the committee, you will recieve a full membership and a 'Safe Handling Card'.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday - 10am to 5pm

Wednesday Late Night Shooting - 5pm to 8pm

Saturday - 10am to 4pm

Sunday - 10am to 12pm (Full members only with advance booking)

Please call with enquiries for private bookings,corparate entertaining and exclusive club hire.

The Rifleman Firearms full bore range is MOD Standard Certified

Refund Policy

Member booking cancelations - will be charged in full for less than 24hrs notice - no charge for +24hrs notice.

For non-members bookings are to be paid in advance by phone. For full refunds we require 7 days notice.

Less than 7 days notice, you will receive the full amount minus the staff cost per hour of £15.00.

Less than 24 hours notice, you will receive the full amount minus the staff cost per hour of £15.00, along with an additional charge of session loss per hour of £10.00.