Our goal is simple.

To produce a product from the ground-up, which is perfectly built for the Shooting discipline it is designed for.

With over a decade of living and breathing Shooting Optics, we have generated a wealth of understanding and knowledge, which we have harnessed and implemented into the creation of WULF Optics.

In each and every WULF product you’ll find the perfect ingredients for optimum performance and functionality.


Performance, Quality and Style.

The Shooter is always at the forefront in anything we do.

We welcome you to the WULF family.

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Wulf 4K 3-24x Night/Day Vision Rifle Scope OpticWulf 4K 3-24x Night/Day Vision Rifle Scope Optic
Wulf 4K 3-24x Night/Day Vision Rifle Scope Optic
The WULF 4K Day/Night HD Digital Rifle Scope produces a jaw-dropping 4K image in both daylight hours and complete darkness. At the centre of this unique Digital Day & Night Rifle Scope is the SONY 4K 4056x3040px sensor, paired to a large 10mm LCOS 1280x720 HD display. This combination of screen and sensor produces the ultimate in image quality, definition and clarity. The WULF 4K comes with an extremely versatile 3-24x magnification range allowing you to use the device for a variety of quarry and shooting across a wide range of distances. There are 9 reticles to choose from that you can display in a choice of 4 colours. The built-in SD card port allows you to record and playback video in a choice of resolutions and framerates from full 4K at 60fps, down to 720p at 200fps. The one-shot zero system makes the WULF 4K quick and easy to set up with your rifle and you can save up to 4 zero profiles which allows you to switch between multiple rifles or zero at different distances. Then you have complete control over the scope and image, as well as the added bonus to customise the display screen with 10 brightness and contrast settings to suit your shooting style.
Our Price £789.99 inc VAT
£658.33 ex VAT