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Monthly Favorites | October Edition

Every month we choose one scope, one air rifle, and one rifle to be our monthly favourites; taking into consideration the quality of the product, any special features and the price tag, we've chosen some great products this month so that you can discover something new!

Daystate Genus - 40th Anniversary Edition

In order to celebrate their 40th anniversary since the inception of the company, Daystate has produced a special, commermorative, PCP air rifle; The Genus.

This is a limited edition air rifle, limited to a production run of only 200 worldwide, the Genus pays homage to Daystate's first full-production model, the famous Huntsman, which has remained in the comapny's line-up throughout the past four decades.

This air rifle is available in .177, click here to order yours today!

Vortex Razor HD 6-24x50 FFP EBR-7B (MRAD)

The Vortex Razor HD in 6-24x50 is one of the highest end scopes in regards to Vortex's optical system. This scope is perfect for if you're looking to handle long-range competition shooting or looking for a scope to accompany you on your open-landscape hunts. This scope has the ultimate precision that all shooters are looking for. 

What's more, this scope is covered by Vortex's lifetime warranty. with a load of great features included such as; 6-24 Magnification, 3.6inch eye-relief, 10 mrad per turret rotation and more, making this the perfect scope for all of your shooting needs.

The Vortex Razor HD in 6-24x50 FFP is available to order online here.

Christensen Arms Mesa Long Range

The Mesa Long Range is the next evolution of Christensen Arms popular Mesa line. The Mesa Long Range is designed for dedicated precision shooters and long range hunters! This sturdy and ergonomic piece of kit, relies on a medium palma contour steel barrel paired with its adjustable fibre-composite gunstock.

The Mesa Long Range rifle also featires a seamless removable side-baffle muzzle brake, and only weighs in at 8.9lbs. It's a truly lightweight piece of reliable kit which will see you through all of your shooting needs.

The Christensen Arms Mesa Long Range Rifle is also backed by the Christensen Arms Sub-MOA Guarantee. To view more on this amazing rifle, click here.

Author: Tilly Washer | Last updated: 07.10.2019