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Monthly Favorites | January Edition

Monthly Favorites | January Edition

Welcome to our January favourites...

Happy New Year, we hope you're all having a great start to the New Year and had a great festive break. We've chosen some of our top products to be featured in this months edition of our monthly favourites, where we pick one air rifle, one rifle and one accessory based on their features, price, qualities and more! This month we've picked some great products to kick off 2020!

Air Arms S400 Walnut Thumbhole

We've picked the Air Arms S400 as this months favourite air rifle as it's one of the most popular, single-shot, PCP sporter air rifle in the market. This air rifle is adaptable, developed and built with the same care and precision as its 10-shot stablemate, the S400 is both comfortable shooting out hunting in the field, or out on a HFT course.

The S400 is full-power, with a consistent action which feeds to a match quality Lothar Walther barrel, which has been specifically developed to Air Arms' specification. The S400 is extremely easy to use, and is loaded by hand via the bolt-action breech, the comfortable bolt handle makes the cocking and loading of the rifle both fast, secure as well as easy. The stylish woodwork of the stock adds to the feel and look of this air rifle, and includes a two-stage trigger with a cross-lock safety-catch.

The Air Arms S400 Walnut Thumbhole is one of the stand out air rifles on the market, check it out here.

GSG 1911 BLack .22LR Long Barrelled Pistol

The GSG 1911 has been manufactured especially for the UK shooting market, bringing Long Barrelled pistol shooting to the UK with a light and versatile pistol which doesn't stray from tradition. The GSG 1911 includes an added non-removable arm support which allows it to classify as a Section 1 firearm.

The GSG 1911 has been designed in close collaboration with Edgar Brothers, the design drawing from the GSG's renowned 1911 .22LR model for inspiration, however it has been modified in order for it to comply with UK firearms legislation. Incorporating a non-detachable moderator which allows the barrel length to meet the required 12" minimum, and an additional arm brace, which ensures the overall length of the firearms is 24" to the requirement. If you're looking to get into long barrelled pistol shooting, then the GSG 1911, is not only an affordable place to start, but it's abundance of features make it a simple and accurate pistol which will get you the results you're looking for. So why not take up pistol shooting in 2020?

Thinking of giving the GSG 1911 a go? Click here to find out more!

Aim 50 Green Tactical Drag Bag

For this months accessory we've chosen to pick the extremely popular Aim 50 Green Tactical Drag Bag. This sturdy bag is ideal for the average size of any rifle, and is an all in one bag that will be able to ft the majority of your shooting kit. This means you won't be lumbering around with loads of different bags and equipment when heading out on your winter shoots!

The AIM 50 will be able to carry the weight of your gun, and all the extra equipment you might have, comfortably over long distances, from the car park to your shooting point, or heading through the woods at night. The drag bag allows you to carry it in a variety of ways, including dragging it across the ground by its sturdy webbing drag handle. The main gun compartment comes with a detachable drag hood as well as an adjustable internal weapon securing straos and a stock support pocket, ensuring your gun is looked after.

Looking for an all in one bag perfect for all your shooting needs? Discover more about this rifle here.

 Author: Tilly Washer | Last updated: 07.01.2020