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Monthly Newsletter | November Edition

Monthly Newsletter | November Edition


You're probably bored of hearing about Christmas, but with Christmas just around the corner, November has been a busy month for all the team here at Riflemans! We've had a month full of new products, amazing deals and fantastic giveaways, and we're pleased to say that December is looking to be our biggest and best month yet! However before we can step into December, here's a look at the latest news, events and offers that have happened over the past month.

Looking for a new chassis?

We're always proud of the amount of range guns and experiences that we can offer on our full-bore range, and the list of rifles and experiences is always expanding and growing.

This month we've welcomed the Oryx Chassis by MDT that is now available for you to try out on our range Howa rifle (pictured below). For more information on coming and giving this chassis a try, then give our range team a call on 01458 253700 and stay out of the cold this winter on our full-bore range.


Picture taken by Highland Outdoors of the new Oryx Chassis system that is available on our range Howa rifle.

Black Friday Event

As you may be aware, we've launched our biggest and best Black Friday event yet! This year our Black Friday event will be running from the 20th of November all the way through to the 30th of November.

We've decided the theme for this years Black Friday event is to 'level up' your air rifle shooting, that's why we've handpicked and combined industry leading air rifles and brands to create unique packages, perfect for all levels of airgun shooter.

So if you're new to the sport and just starting out, why don't you take a look at our Level One Gamo Phox Package? Or if you're more of an experienced airgun shooter looking to upgrade your current piece of kit, take a look at our Level Four Air Arms S510 Package!

There's something for everyone, and as an extra you'll get 50% off a years air rifle club membership when you buy any of our packages in our Black Friday event, along with our accredited lifetime warranty and free set up service, we'll even trek out in the cold and zero your air rifle in for you on our 90-yard air rifle range.

To view all of our amazing Black Friday deals, just click the banner below, or pop in-store and see them for yourselves, the kettle is always on!

New Range Experiences

Don't have a clue what American Sniper is? Have you never heard of or seen Bradley Cooper? Then you might not know much about one of the new experiences that we'll be bringing shortly to our full-bore range. however if you've watched the film and know exactly who Bradley Cooper is, then you're in for a treat.

We already have a fantastic range of full-bore shooting experiences, and as our ranges grow we're always looking to expand that list to allow for more exciting and thrilling experiences for all shooters, and first time shooters, to enjoy.

By 2020, we'll be launching a brand new rifle shooting experience on our full-bore range based on the American Sniper film, we're really excited to share more with everyone before Christmas, but for now make sure you follow us on social media @riflemanfirearms for all updates on the range!


Our range experiences proved popular with young farmers earlier in the year!

We're always keeping our social media channels and website up to date with the latest news, offers and events! So be sure to follow us @riflemanfirearms for all the latest!
 Author: Tilly Washer | Last Updated: 22.11.2019