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Savage Model 10 GRS | One Shot One Hit!

We have always found Savage Rifles very accurate out of the box, so today we put the One Shot – One Hit theory to the test! Trying out the NEW Savage Model 10 GRS with the Bushnell DMR 3.5-21x50 scope we set the rifle up in store, went out to the range and after zeroing hit the Gong at 412yds first shot. The rifle was comfortable to use and with the added adjustability of the GRS stock it made it easier to stabilise your shooting position.

 The rifle comes chambered in 6.5 Creedmore (what we were using), 6mm Creedmore and .308. It combines all the usual Savage features with the added bonus of the stock. The Bushnell scope clarity certainly didn’t let us down and with its G3 reticle we could adjust for the gusting wind conditions.

 If your looking for a rifle for the range or out in the fields this is certainly a good choice, view it online here.