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Masterpiece Arms manufacturing facility is located in Comer, GA. Our building size is currently 20,000 sq ft, however an expansion is planned over the next 2-3 years, nearly doubling our size.

We are one of the few firearms companies that produces the majority of our own components within our facility. Our equipment list includes over 40 CNC Machine Tools, including Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centers, Swiss Turn CNC Lathes, Multi Axis CNC Lathes, 5 Axis Vertical CNC, Robotic Load/Unload Automation, Heat Treat, Conversion Coatings Systems for Black Phosphate and Black Oxide as well as Miller Synchrowave TIG Welding Systems. Other than Springs, polymer (injection molding), and fasteners, we turn, machine, fabricate, weld, heat treat, coat and assemble almost every part utilized in our weapons. We are definitely NOT an assembly house.

At MPA, we are passionate about weapons and the firearms market. Every MPA Weapon and Suppressor that leaves our facility is built by personnel who truly care about the products we are producing and providing to the US and International Markets. We are proud to be an American Firearms Manufacturer.

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Tikka T3x .223 Masterpiece BA Comp Green RH customTikka T3x .223 Masterpiece BA Comp Green RH custom
Rifleman Recommended
Tikka T3x .223 Masterpiece BA Comp Green RH custom
A brand new Tikka Synthetic Stainless Varmint .223 in an OD Green Masterpiece arms BA Comp Chassis. Supplied with a 10rd MDT metal magazine. This awesome .223 varmint Barrelled Action is perfect for Mid to long range .223 shooting, the 1-8 Twist Rate lends itself to a heavier 62-69 Grain Projectile, and with good factory ammo should see you hitting targets out to 800 yards in MOA sized groups
Our Price £2,995.00 inc VAT
£2,495.83 ex VAT
Masterpiece Arms BA CZ Chassis
Masterpiece Arms BA CZ Chassis
The CZ455 chassis is our Hybrid model chassis, inletted for the CZ455 or CZ457 action (choose your action). The length of pull and cheek position are adjustable via set screws that are embedded into the buttstock body. This provides a very strong lockup of the cheek riser plate and recoil plate assembly. The chassis is machined on our CNC Horizontal Machining Centers to exacting tolerances from 6061 aluminum.
Our Price £1,425.00 inc VAT
£1,187.50 ex VAT

Masterpiece Arms Matrix ChassisMasterpiece Arms Matrix Chassis
Masterpiece Arms Matrix Chassis
The Matrix Chassis is the most revolutionary chassis ever produced. With the multitude of configurations in grips, thumb rests and trigger finger supports, the primary interface between the shooter and the rifle (the grip) has over 100 different options. (Please refer to the photos above to see our data on shooter preference on the grips, thumb rests, and trigger finger supports). The location of the shooters hand – closer to the bore of the rifle – provides even more variety on how the shooter can set up the chassis. We have developed a hand measurement chart to help identify which grip configuration may work best for each individual.
Our Price from £1,767.00 inc VAT
£1,472.50 ex VAT
Masterpiece Arms Premium Muzzle Break
Masterpiece Arms Premium Muzzle Break
These brakes are specifically designed to be used in PRS style competitions when extreme recoil reduction is required during the firing of the rifle to allow the shooter to stay on target for follow up shots. Using our special testing system, we have tweaked the design to achieve a 63% reduction in recoil. The jam nut collar system utilizes a design that allows the shooter to jam the nut and brake against each other in the appropriate position on the muzzle of the rifle. There are 2 machined flats that are used to both level the brake body as well as interfacing with an adjustable wrench for installation of the brake.  It not only eliminates the need for ground shims, but also aligns the ID of the brake perpendicular with the shoulder of the barrel, minimizing initial point of impact shift.
Our Price £135.00 inc VAT
£112.50 ex VAT

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