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We pride ourselves in stocking one of the best range of rimfire and hunting & tactical centrefire rifles in the country also accumulating a stunning selection of clean & quality pre-used guns that we have full confidence in.

Our range of guns comprises popular examples from all the major manufacturers such as Voere, Savage arms, CZ, Barrett, Sabatti, Zoli, Tikka, Smith & Wesson, Bergara, Anschutz, Schmeisser, Sako rifles and more!.

If the specific rifle is not listed on our website, please do call us on 01458 253700 or email us and we’ll get a quote for you. We are proud of the strategic relationships we have built with our suppliers and look forward to helping your choose your next rifle.

Rifleman Firearms offer a wide range of quality Firearms for all budgets and disciplines, these are all available in store or online to ship free of charge to your nearest Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD). All Firearms are available with GunPlan Insurance with 30-days free cover.

All illustrated images are for guidance only and may not represent an exact match to colour or wood pattern etc.

Unless otherwise expressed within an item's specific advertisement (or if additional options are chosen as 'combos') no accessories, such as, (but not limited to) telescopic sights, mounts, slings, moderators & bipods etc are included in the advertised price for the main item.