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Annealing Made Perfect (AMP) Mark IIAnnealing Made Perfect (AMP) Mark II
Annealing Made Perfect (AMP) Mark II
Increase your accuracy by annealing your cases A new level of precision for the reloader A pre-programmed, fully calibrated induction cartridge annealer Get exact and repeatable neck hardness EVERY TIME All program settings established by laboratory micro-Vickers neck hardness tests. No assembly required – start annealing brass right out of the box. Change from one cartridge type to another in seconds. All cartridges from 17 Hornet to 460 Weatherby. No guesswork – no temperature pastes. Just select the correct pilot and program for your cartridge, and start annealing. USB port to future proof for software updates. Consistent neck hardness means more consistent pressure and velocity, and that means…TIGHTER GROUPS and CASES LAST LONGER
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Quick Anneal Annealer
Quick Anneal Annealer
A fast and reliable induction annealer used by F class world champions Induction heating is the process of heating electrically conductive materials like metals by electromagnetic induction, through heat transfer passing through an induction coil that creates an electromagnetic field within the coil to melt down steel, copper, brass, graphite, gold, silver, aluminum, and carbide. What is the...
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