Sightmark Inter-Club Semi Auto League

Team League Table

Position:  Team: Points: 
1st  Bravo 8
2nd (Joint)  Alpha 7
2nd (Joint)  Charlie 7
4th Echo  5
5th Delta 3

Individual - Match 2 - sponsored by Sightmark

Position: Name:  Team: Score:
1st Mark Follet  Bravo 167
2nd  Ian Banfield Charlie 140
3rd (Joint)  Julian Cann  Echo 139
3rd (Joint)  Andre Mills  Charlie  139
5th (Joint)  Wayne Sears Alpha 137
5th (Joint)  Phil Waymouth Charlie 137
7th  Karol Hordejuk Charlie 129
8th  Chris Lewis  Alpha 101
9th  Bob Roddy  Charlie 92
10th  Sam Strawbridge  Delta 90
11th  Jack Hill N/A 88
12th  Alan Davidson Charlie 82

Individual - Match 1 - sponsored by Sightmark

Please note: Participants with a * next to their name are currently under investigation. 

Position: Name:  Team: Score:
1st (joint) Tom Birch  Delta 39
1st (Joint) Wayne Sears Alpha 39
3rd  Ian Banfield * Charlie 37
4th  Luke Mills  Alpha 36
5th  Matt Cook Bravo 31
6th  Phil Waymouth Charlie 30
7th  Jason Gissing Charlie 29
8th (Joint) Gary Hearn Alpha 26
8th (Joint) Karol Hordejuk Charlie 26
10th  Alan Davidson Charlie 20
11th (Joint) Sam Strawbridge Delta 18
11th (Joint) Andre Mills * Charlie 18
13th  Bob Roddy Charlie 16