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Webley Nemesis

  • Webley NEMESIS
  • .177 calibre
  • .22 calibre
  • Interchangeable left/right bolt handle
  • 1/2 " unf thread
  • picatinny rail
  • fibre optic sights
  • ambedextrious grip
  • single shot tray
  • 2x7 shot magazine (2x6 .22 calibre).
  • upto 400fps 


  • Colour Option
  • Select Your Calibre


Here at Rifleman Firearms we are one of the first to introduce the Webley Nemesis, this pistol is packed with features and is the newest in a line of high quality pistols, it has a brand new tandem self indexing magazines which enable 2x6 shots in .22 or 2x7 shots in .177, the front and rear sights are fibre optic, the bolt is interchangeable for both left and right handed users, it comes with an intergrated picatinny rail underneath and a top mounted dovetail rail, the barrel is steel rifled with a 1/2" UNF thread with a cap, it holds 12G C02 which can be quickly accsessed in the front of the pistol, it has easy to use manual saftey and internal storage for extra magazines, this pistol will be available pre-christmas.

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