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Aim Laser Bore Sight

About This Laser Sight

At Rifleman Firearms we sell a variety of scopes and accesories, included in these is the Aim Laser Bore Sighters, this little device is great for quickly setting a starting zero on your rifle, this laser sight is available in .223, .248, .308, .7MM-.08, .30-06/ .25-06/270 and .300 Win Mag, these bore sights can be delivered to your door next day, if you have any questions about this product or any of our other products, feel free to call us on 01458 253700, alternativley use our live chat system to talk with a member of staff in real time.

Please Note some calibers are in the same pack, theyre grouped as shown: 

  • .300 Win
  • .30-06/.25-06/.270
  • .243/.308 Win/7MM-08 Rem
  • .223 Rem


  • Calibre


What's Included

 Laser Bore Sight it Chosen Caliber