Iron Plate Action Shooting

Saturday 27th June 10:00am till 3:45pm 


• Less than 3 joule Co2 powered air pistols only.
• Ammunition must be .177 (4.5mm) pellet or low ricochet non steel .177 (4,5mm) bb.
• Eye protection is mandatory for all competitors & spectators in the designated “active zone”.
• All shooters will receive a course briefing from the range officer.
• 5 second penalties will be given for procedural violations, premature starts, missed targets, creeping, bouncing, foot faults and for engaging wrong targets.
• Each shooter will shoot a “string” of 6 targets as fast as possible hitting the 6 plates in order.
• The shooter will fire 5 “strings”.
• 5 strings complete a stage.
• The fastest 4 strings will be added together to give the shooters stage score.
• 30 second maximum time per string.
• Should a malfunction occur the string will be recorded as 30 seconds.
• There will be no re-shoots for malfunctions.
• Safety violations
Automatic disqualification for:
• Handling a pistol outside of the “Shooting box”.
• Pointing a pistol outside of the “Target zone”.
• Dropping a pistol during a course of fire.
• Any behaviour deemed unsportsmanlike which effects the performance of a fellow competitor.
Range commands must be followed:
• “Shooter face the target, load & make ready” - load Co2 & magazine.
• “Shooter standby” - prepare to shoot. Remove safety.
• “Go” - start your course of fire.
• “If you are finished unload and show clear”.
• Await range officer to give instruction to repeat until you have completed your “5 strings”.

Please contact Ian at the range for any further info.