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We Offer Free Range Time! 

We understand that customer satisfaction is paramount. That's why we focus on giving you the best experience! So let us set up your Air Gun and let you test it out to ensure you're happy - before you head home!

Our 90 yard Air Rifle Range, offers over 100 different spinners, bells and knockdown targets to keep you shooting for hours of fun - set from 15 yards out to the full 90. If you're feeling lucky you can even try and test your luck at shooting the cow bell at 90 yards! Or if you'd rather zero your rifle, we're also home to two 60 yard electronic ranges that are perfect for zeroing and testing your accuracy!

All of our Air Rifle lanes are heated, covered and floodlit, so even if you want to shoot in the middle of winter, we'll ensure that you're warm and dry despite the weather.