Range Info

Welcome to the Rifleman Firearms Ranges

Interested in shooting? We can offer a variety of shooting experiences from beginner have-a-go sessions to tactical training classes.  Both ranges, full-bore and air rifle are available to book 7 days a week to zero your scope, test your home loads or just plink! We have introduced a whole new selection of activities including our new C02 pistol training area which is perfect for BB & Pellet pistols/revolvers.

The range is also home to the Rifleman Firearms Target Shooting Club, if you are interested in joining or would just like some more information Click Here’.

To book yourself in please give us a call on 01458 553062.

Our Air Rifle Range

  •  10 open lanes with a selection of reactive targets from 15 to 90 yards
  •  2 enclosed zeroing lanes with electronic retrieval target systems out to 60 yards – great for zeroing in that new scope & pellet testing
  •  Flood lit targets so you can shoot day or night 
  •  Fully enclosed & heated shooting points with the option of standing, sitting, and prone positions 
  •  On-site airgun and air tank filling available
  •  Club membership available with discounts on daily and hourly shooting, exclusive competitions, club rifle hire and free PCP air refills 

Full-Bore Range
  • 100m, 5 secure firing points with High Muzzle Energy (HME) Hardox steel ballistic protection cubicles on each lane.
  • Muzzle blast shields between each firing point.
  • Automatic, programable, turnable and variable distance electronic targets in yards or meters – up to 100 meters.
  • Prone, bench & standing firing options.
  • Heated firing points.
  • Built to UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) specification.
  • Perfect location for round batch testing, load development and zeroing.
  • Underground with zero bullet-stray capability.
  • Certified to 13,600 Joules (typically up to .338 Lapua Magnum calibre).
  • Lit with variable ventilation throughout.
  • Ballistic dampening around the firing points.
  • No ambient outside noise pollution.
  • All shot lead and brass recycled to be environmentally sensitive.
  • Can be booked for indoor windless airgun pellet batch testing*.

If you have anymore quesitons please call us on 01458 553062.