Monthly Favorites | February Edition

Monthly Favorites | February Edition

Welcome to our February favourites...

January is finally over, and with February now in full swing, it feels like 2020 is finally underway! And to keep you feeling good throughout February, we've handpicked one rifle, one air rifle and one other item that we believe has the power to be a part of February's monthly favourites! 

This month we've included the brand new Kriss Arms Vector22 CRB, along with Daystate and our brand new Nato Marksman Experience, so check out the top three products of the month below!

Kriss Vector22 CRB .22LR (FDE)

After Mark's visit to Shot Show in the USA we were super excited to hear of the launch of a brand new rifle from Kriss Arms. The Kriss Vector22 CRB is Kriss' dedicated, semi-automatic, rimfire sporting rifle that incorporates iconic aesthetics and ergonomics of the Kriss Vector carbine design with the modern modularity of a free floading M-lok hand guard!

The Vector22 is also available in a variety of stock colours, pictured above in Flat Dark Earth (FDE for short) it also is available in the unique Alpine White stock and the standard Black stock for a more tactical look. The Vector22 really is an amazing .22lr rifle, specifically designed by the USA for rimfire competitions, training and small game hunting, making it a great all round rimfire rifle!

Offering not only precision, the Vector22 also offers performance and value in an iconic and unique design, sure to make you stand out on the range, whilst being an affordable price of only £845.00 (or from £10.61/month when using our super competitive 0% APR finance)!

Break tradition with the all round brilliant Kriss Vector22 CRB in .22LR! Check it out here!

Daystate Huntsman Regal HR (Walnut)

Daystate are definitely one of the big players in the air rifle field, with their stylish design and popular air rifles making waves in the industry. That's why we couldn't resist picking a Daystate air rifle for this months favourite! And we've gone with the classic Daystate Huntsman Regal HR in Walnut.

The Huntsman Regal HR is the latest succession to the Huntsman's famous lineage, combining all the elemts of a classic English sporting air rifle, whilst also bringing in more modern elements and features. The stock is beautifully shaped and cradles the solidly-engineered, and extremely lightweight, mechanical powerplant. This provides the air rifle with a unique marriage of wood and metal, due to it's action that sits lower in the stock. This means it perfectly mimics the feel and handling of a traditional hunting air rifle.

We're proud to be able to offer a FREE lifetime warranty with all of our air rifles, and the Daystate Huntsman Regal HR is no exception, giving you a piece of mind with 0% APR also available!

Want to find out more about this traditional hunting air rifle? Click here to find out more!

The Nato Marksman Experience

We're always improving our range experiences so that we are offering up completely unique and new have-a-go's and opportunities to shoot a range of firearms you may have only dreamt of shooting before! That's why our other product to be featured in our February Monthly Favourites was a no-brainer - it had to be our brand new Nato Marksman Experience.

Our Nato Marksman Experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot the best combination of the UK and USA firearms, incorporating the ground-breaking Christensen Arms Ridgeline in .308 with the just as impressive Accuracy Internation Stock, making for a whole new shooting experience!

For just £55.00, you can get up to 1 hour supervised with a trained range officer, which includes 20 rounds of 7.62x51/.308 ammunition (additional ammunition is available) you'll get to take your shot targets home as well as be entered onto our range leaderboard!

Have we left you wanting more? Discover more about this experience here!

 Author: Tilly Washer | Last updated: 03.02.2020