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Buying Guide

Hello! welcome to the buying guide for beginners, here you'll find all sorts of advice on what air rifle to buy if you are new to the hobby, below is the different types of airifles that are available and with them a short list of there pros and cons, we hope you find this useful and enjoy choosing your first rifle, if you see one you would like, feel free to come down to our shop and have a go with one on the range,to make sure its perfect for your shooting needs.

Break Barrel: 
These are the cheapest of the three, perfect for beginners on a low budget.
Due to the spring system they dont rquire air either meaning constant shooting with no need for refills.
Can be chambered in either .22 or .177 rounds depending on your needs.
Can be quite hard to cock due to the spring system, so may be difficult for younger shooters.

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Under Lever:
These are the mid range air rifles as it were, not too expensive but not as cheap as break barrel.
Spring powered so no need for air tanks or refills.
Can be chambred in .22 or .177.
Easily able to mount a scope due to the fixed barrel.

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Side Lever:
Side lever rifles are the top end of air rifles, theyll cost you a decent amount more than break barrels and under lever air rifles.
Highly adaptable to rifle mounts and bipods for all sorts of scopes and accesories.
Air powered, a regular side lever will shoot around 100 rounds before needing a refill but its very easy and ensures minimal recoil.


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