(Atlas) B&T Industries

(Atlas) B&T Industries


B&T Industries L.L.C. was founded by two Kansans, one that had an idea and the other the capital, to bring a novel idea to the shooting sports. Business principles based on taking a novel common sense idea, manufactured from the best materials, assembled by Americans and sold at a fair price. 

The idea that was to found B&T Ind. began during a 1997 Prairie Dog hunt, in which a good friend to the business, forgot to bring his sandbag and resorted to a time-honored, field-expedient solution: putting dirt in the sock he had been wearing.

In January of 2000, after the trials and challenges of modeling, prototyping and testing, the patented Accu-Shot monopod was introduced to the market, becoming the “Sandbag of the 21st Century”.  Simply put, the Accu-Shot monopod provided portable stability and support needed without the bulk, weight, mess or attendant needs of a sandbag in a lightweight mechanical device that attached to the rifle.

Since then B&T Ind. has continued to grow and listen to the suggestions of both professional and amateur shooters about the sport and their needs.  In fact we are known as being a responsive customer service orientated company that strives to improve current products while bringing new products to the market.

Just as the Accu-Shot brought rear stabilization into the modern era B&T Industries LLC did the same thing with the bipod which is used to support the front of a rifle. The Atlas bipod was introduced in 2010 with several patented features including the novel multiple positioning legs, Pan and Cant in a light weight strong package has found favor in civilian, law enforcement and military riflemen around the world.

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