.22LR Match Ammo Testing: Ruger VS CZ

.22LR Match Ammo Testing: Ruger VS CZ


Ruger Precision Rimfire VS CZ 457 MTR

Due to the popularity of our in-house .22LR 50yd Bench weekly competition in the range we decided to use two of our club rifles and do some match ammo testing. The first rifle we used was our Ruger Precision Rimfire which is set up as more of a tactical bolt action .22, with its AR pistol grip and adjustable butt-stock design it is definitely a contender at 50yds!

The second rifle was a CZ 457 MTR, being a more classic bench rifle design the CZ was comfy and smooth to shoot during the testing. Once both rifles were zeroed in, we shot a 5 round group each with 10 different types of Match ammo that we sell in the range, from budget CCI and Geco to premium R50. The same target was used for the whole test and the temperature in the range was 15 degrees Celsius with 51% humidity. Check out the results below!

Ruger - SK Long Range

CZ - SK Long Range

Ruger - RWS R50
CZ - RWS R50

Ruger - RWS Rifle Match
CZ - RWS Rifle Match
Ruger - Fiocchi F300
CZ - Fiocchi F300

Ruger - SK Flatnose
CZ - SK Flatnose
Ruger - Geco Rifle
CZ - Geco Rifle

Ruger - Lapua Centre X
CZ - Lapua Centre X
Ruger - RWS Club
CZ - RWS Club

Ruger - CCI Std Velocity
CZ - CCI Std Velocity
Ruger - Eley Tennex
CZ - Eley Tennex

With the Ruger you can see premium ammo groups far better than the cheaper brands. However, we were blown away with the consistent accuracy of the CZ, putting in some of the tightest groups with premium and budget ammo! All rifles will prefer different ammo but hopefully this test will give you some idea of what might work for you!

2nd November 2021

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