Zeroing Your Rifle

Zeroing Your Rifle

Zeroing Your Rifle

Zeroing your rifle is a skill, as we know, this can be severely impacted by environmental conditions, these days in the UK a convenient and perfectly calm day is very much the exception to the norm. Here at Rifleman Firearms, we eliminate all these environmental factors whilst zeroing your rifle or air rifle on our range.

So why buy your next rifle or airgun from Rifleman Firearms?

  • Free scope and eye relief set up & zeroing with familiarisation and tuition.
  • Free night vision & thermal equipment set up and zeroing.
  • For a new scope on an existing gun, the above applies if the scope is purchased from us.
  • Additional free range time at your convenience.
  • Free rifle & air rifle cleaning & serviceability check within first year of purchase.

We’re not just a gun shop – Every rifle & air rifle we put together we treat as if it’s our own, after all, “Accuracy Is Our Aim”!

So, you really can save time, ammunition, energy, frustration and money, no matter the cost of your package, by coming to us and enjoying a totally unique purchasing experience that allows you to leave site fully confident in your new equipment and ready to hunt or target shoot.

With correct set up & zeroing on our range, our customers are seeing huge advantages and savings, one commented, “I zeroed my new 30-06 combo in 6 shots - the time & ammo saved was amazing!”

Rifleman Firearms - “Accuracy is Our Aim”

Posted by Mark Tutton
19th January 2024

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