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Air Rifle Range Rules              


General Rules

 Only non-FAC (less than 12 ft lbs) air rifles & air pistols (less than 6 ft lbs) can be used on the range.

 You must comply with all firearms laws in regard to age & permissions when using the range.

 Do not shoot if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication that may effect your judgement.

 No live quarry to be shot at.

 No semi-automatic air rifles, pistols, airsoft or BB guns to be used on the range.

 NEVER leave your gun unattended.

 When not is use, all guns must be unloaded and secured in a cover, slip or carry case.

 No guns are allowed past the car park unless they are in a slip or carry case.

 Customers who bring their own refill cylinders are required to store them in their car whilst not being used. Alterna-tively ‘top ups’ are available at the range or in the shop.

 All users of the range must provide current photo identification and must sign-in each visit & confirm their age and declare that they are not a prohibited person under the terms of Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968.

 Any user who wilfully disobeys, violates or does not comply with any of the General or Safety rules of the range will be asked to stop shooting and leave the range.

Safety Rules

 Smoking is not permitted in any area of the range and firing points.

 Guns must not be removed from their covers, cases or slips until at the firing point.

 Guns must always be pointed in a safe direction.

 Do not shoot at signs at the side or end of the range.

 Never walk on to the range when other shooters are firing.

 Appropriate eye & ear protection must be worn when shooting or standing at the firing points - safety items can be purchased at Rifleman Firearms on site.

 If access to the targets is required you must consult a member of the range staff.

 In case of emergency dial 999 - the range postcode is TA10 0BP - Grid Reference ST39720 22704