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Everyone loves a sale, that's why when you join our mailing list, you'll be the first to hear about our running promotions, news and sales! With relevant information regarding products, along with reviews and more.

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Unlike other mailing lists, ours is varied, so if sales aren't of interest to you we'll also be sending through reviews, our tips and tricks and newsletters to keep you informed and in the loop.

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If you're bored of seeing us in your inbox, or if you've turned to gardening instead of shooting as a hobby, it's easy to unsubscribe to our mailing list. As we use a industry leading marketing software, it's also safe to unsubscribe, so don't worry about offending us!

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We won't spam you with unnecessary emails, we appreciate that you've chosen our mailing list, so we want you to stay! If you have any feedback regarding the content that you're recieving, just reply back to the email and we'll take your opinion on board, so don't be shy to tell us what we could do better!

5. It's Just Awesome

Last but not least, our Mailing List is awesome, so even if you don't care about the other 4 points, you should definitely join because of this point, we're not biased. Honest.