Our Lifetime Warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty

Our air rifle warranty will last you a lifetime...

Yes, you read that right, we offer a FREE lifetime warranty on our whole range of brand new air rifles. Why? Well that's simple, we recognise that customer satisfaction is paramount, and that;s exactly why we offer a lifetime warranty & service cover on any new air rifle bought from us!

We want you to be able to enjoy a full piece of mind when it comes to your air rifle and shooting experience. So if after you've purchased your brand new air rifle, it develops any problems or faults that you don't understand, then return it to us for a free service and repair which covers all parts and labour.

Although this may sound way too good to be true, we offer this service completely free of charge, with no nasty service charges! If you have any queries or want to know if you're eligible for our free lifetime warranty, then just give the sales team a call on 01458 253700, or drop us an email at ask@riflemanfirearms.co.uk - we'll be more than happy to explain how it works.

Please note that we only offer our free lifetime warranty on any new air rifles bought from us, second hand air rifles are not covered by our lifetime warranty. T&C's apply. Please also note that some air rifle repairs may not be completed in-store and may require a return and repair by the supplier/manufacturer, you will be kept updated on the condition of your air rifle throughout it's service and repair.